dinsdag 20 april 2010

Riwal opens in Germany / Riwal hoogwerkers vanaf mei ook in Duitsland

Dutch based international rental company Riwal has opened a new German operation in Dortmund.

Riwal has been looking at the German market for some time in order to extend its coverage from Denmark to the north, Poland to the east and France to the west.
"It was just a matter of finding the right local people to open up Riwal Germany" said. Dick Schalekamp, Riwal's chief executive. As part of the company's search Søren Rosenkrands, general manager of Riwal Denmark, contacted Christoph Scheeben. "In Christoph we have found the experience, skills and motivation that are needed in order to start, build and manage the Riwal business in Germany successfully," said Rosenkrands.
Riwal Germany will officially open for business on May 1st, 2010 from a 3,000 square metre facility in Dortmund-Wickede. But the new company has a new Ruthmann TB270 and the 32 metre electric Holland Lift G-320-EL30 4WDS-N on display at Bauma.
Scheeben said: "Compared to most other European countries the German access rental business seems to have suffered less and in several industries and areas like the enormous Ruhr area short term prospects are positive. We believe that with a combination of experienced staff from the industry and the best available equipment of manufacturers like JLG, Genie, Teupen, Wumag, Ruthmann and Holland Lift we can succeed anywhere."
"Obviously our primary focus is to be successful with self propelled and truck mounted aerial work platforms as well as telehandlers in the 'Ruhrgebiet'. However for the coming years, we will also be looking at other parts of Germany to penetrate in with the help of the Team Riwal members in Denmark, France and Poland. We aim to add more depots in areas that will bring profitable business. We also seek co-operation with other rental companies, a formula that has proved well for the Team Riwal in other regions in the past"

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